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Women 'are better at usability'

Source: Adfero, 24 June 2011

When it comes to the usability of technology, women are more intuitive, it has been asserted.

In an interview with the small business blog of the New York Times, founder of Adaptive and Network Equipment Technologies Audrey MacLean explained why females can be successful in this sector.

She stated that when it comes to developing a new technology, women make ideal teammates and seek to bring individuals together to work towards a common goal.

'Women make up half the population and companies want user interfaces that appeal to all buyers. In addition to generally being more collaborative, women have an intuitive sense of usability that leads to better products,' Ms MacLean explained.

Furthermore, future chief executive officers are derived from the marketing and product development divisions, rather than human resources, she added.

Over the past six months, there has been a 165 per cent hike in the number of females in the digital technology sector, PeoplePerHour.com recently revealed.