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Want to talk but find it hard to get together?

Source: Andrew Monk, University of York, 16 May 2001

A recently started project at York Univiersity will study electronically mediated socialising by voice. The proposed research envisages groups of friends socialising over the internet by voice. A large part of the work will be to develop the methods required. Field studies will provide qualitative data to identify concepts concerning what constitutes a "good recreational experience". These concepts, with others from psychology, will be used to generate rating scales for use in the experiments. The experiments will manipulate anonymity and examine the value of low quality moving video images of the other participants.

The investigators would be interested to make contact with existing communities who might have a special need to communicate by voice over the internet because of phycical problems getting together to meet face-to-face or because they are geographically distributed. Please contact Andrew Monk (a.monk@psych.york.ac.uk) if you think you might be able to help us