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speed-trap and NETTEC launch web usability collaboration

Source: Nettec, 12 October 2001

speed-trap, the world's leading web metrics and analytics company, has just launched a web metrics, usability and analytics collaboration partnership with Nettec plc, a leading European digital solutions provider. The partnership was announced at the CSSA 'Web Effectiveness Seminar' at which speed-trap and Nettec were lead speakers.  Nettec also introduced Site Lab, a website monitoring and web site monitoring and analysis tool and consultancy package, developed with speed-trap.

A recent Forrester Research survey concluded that usability and performance were two of the most important issues for repeated visits to a website. After 'High Quality Content' (80%), 'Ease of Use' at 66% was the second most important issue cited.

Nettec's new Site Lab offering is a unique real-time website monitoring and analysis tool and consultancy package, which includes speed-trap's Prophet product. It provides accurate information on the actual performance delivered to browser-based application users and web visitors in both intranet and internet environments. It achieves its unprecedented accuracy by using a unique, patent-pending technology that collects and records, directly from the user's browser, events that occur while the user interacts with the frames or pages that are being monitored. In this way, each web page or application monitors its own use.

Malcolm Duckett, VP Marketing at speed-trap said 'We are confident that the combination of both companies’ web monitoring, creative and analysis skills and experience will be mutually beneficial. Nettec's blend of digital technology, technical and creative skills allied to our world beating technology will, we are sure, make Site Lab an attractive proposition for many progressive online operators.'