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Microsoft extends licence adjustment period

Source: UN, 13 October 2001

Microsoft has backtracked on its demand that full price must be paid for all upgrades after October 1st in its move to a subscription based model for business.

As Microsoft gears up for the networked economy, moving to software licensing on a subscription model appears a strategic move, but October 1st saw not only the introduction of new licence arrangements, but the beginning of withdrawal of many old options. The European IT industry fought back, with many industry bodies first appealing to the company and then publicly expressing their displeasure. 

Now businesses have been told that they have until July 31st 2002 to upgrade to Windows 2000 or Office XP, and only then would they have to pay the full cost of the software instead of the discounted upgrade price.

Computer Weekly and its online voice, CW360, are covering the debate extensively and inviting comment.

The CW360 website