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Ann’s Invitation: Start having a go...

Source: UN, 14 October 2001

Read the news. Tell me what you think. Evaluate the site. Begin thinking about what you want it to be. Follow this link for more details of things to come...

Welcome, welcome. If you’ve found us, you may know that Usability News is the news service set up by the British HCI Group for all researchers and usability professionals, journalists, students and anyone with an interest in good product design. 

This is an activity area, so let me invite you in. First, have a look at the news and let me know (editor@usabilitynews.com) whether I’m getting the content right. Then send in your own - the button’s at the top. 

I’m interested in receiving news on anything you are doing. You’ll see already that some of the material on the site is contributed. To be really effective, this site must act as an exchange - good practice, requests, ideas, discoveries, business partners - you name it. That depends on you remembering to share those thoughts as they come up.

The site is going to expand into new areas over the next couple of months, with more special features and opinion. Three topics to whet your appetite:

  • What is Usability, anyway?
  • Getting the Most out of Usability Labs
  • Professional Identity: Training and Accreditation

Please start sending your thoughts and suggestions to me now.

Last, let me issue an invitation to Jakob Nielsen...If you set up a site with ‘Usability’ in the title, you are asking for evaluation. Well, I *am* asking for evaluation. Any usability consultant who wishes to have a go is welcome to send me their report and I’ll post it on site (and pass your thoughts on to the designer).

So, please, make the most of this resource...

Editor, moderator and usable design zealot.