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Smart Watches - Will it rise or fall?

Source: Phoenix UX, 12 April 2013

The next big thing that the tech world is talking about are 'Smart Watches', although Samsung launched the first watch-phone in 1999 sales were poor and it did not take the world by storm, but with the technology we now have at our disposal it begs the question whether smart watches will become a success and possibly replace the smartphone? Or be a failure like it was 14 years ago?

A number of technology companies are currently in the process of developing a smart watch, which is basically a super small computer tucked into a wristwatch. The likes of Pebble watch, Sony's watch and the Apple with their 'iWatch' and now it seems like Samsung want to jump back on the bandwagon as they have confirmed they will be building a smart watch which will no doubt continue the rivalry between both Apple and Samsung and the latest reports have linked search giants Google with the gadget, so it seems the top tech giants of the industry are thinking this technology will be a success, but do we really need more technology not only in our lives but on us as well?

As someone who is always looking into the tech space I am fascinated about how well the smart watch will do with customers, personally I associate watches more with style and fashion accessory than technology but I can see the benefits of having the smart watch at your disposal instantly rather than going into your pocket/handbag. Will the watch beep or flash when you walk past a shop that has discounts? Or if you're near a bar/restaurant that a friend has recommended on social media it will alert you? Will it cater for people who want to track health related information if they attached the watch to them while exercising? The possibilities are endless but would we really need this in our lives? More technology? Least with a phone you can hide it away, your watch stays on your wrist for the majority of your day.

Even though I am intrigued about this technology and what it has the potential to do, I feel a watch is a fashion statement or a functional timepiece and not an all in one technology device. However, I am interested to see who will come out on top if the reports are true that Google, Samsung, Apple are all thinking about bringing out this product before 2013 ends I don't think I will be in a rush in getting this technology but then again I said that when the iPad came out Will you be waiting in the queue to get one and if so what brand would you go with?