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Catch the omnichannel customer

Source: Phoenix UX 11 March 2014

eBay's latest report on omnichannel retailing identifies the behaviours and attitudes of the omnichannel consumer and gives various suggestions for retailers to keep up with the omnichannel consumer.

The omnichannel consumers in a nutshell:

  • Consumers are using multiple devices to support their shopping habits
  • High value purchases are more likely to be omnichannel purchases
  • Omnichannel consumers are being influenced in their shopping by various factors: visiting the retail store, by customer reviews, by apps, by social media and blogs
  • Consumers use new channels but still value stores and positive word-of-mouth
  • Mobile is gaining ground, and younger consumers are far more likely to use smartphones for shopping

How retailers can support the omnichannel consumers in a nutshell:

  • Develop an integrated omnichannel strategy
  • Use multiple integrated channels
  • Invest in apps & mobile or tablet optimized websites
  • Work on their entire web presence, not just their own website

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