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Homeware & DIY Research

Source: Phoenix UX, 16 May 2014

We wanted to find out how the Homeware & DIY industry is serving its customers and if the industry is keeping up with the challenges of e-commerce. We conducted two short expert reviews and an online survey to explore users' online shopping habits and their expectations when purchasing from Homeware & DIY online retailers.

The short expert reviews looked at the user journey of product selection to checkout on the B&Q and Toolstation websites.The online survey results identified the main features that customers are looking our for on a typical Homeware & DIY website and what these retailers can do to improve the shopping experience.

Some of the topics included in the online survey:

  • How do you usually search for products on homeware & DIY websites?
  • How important are the following factors in your decision to purchase goods from homeware & DIY websites?
  • Were there any instances when you added a product in the basket, and then you abandoned the purchase?
  • Have you ever had a dissatisfying/negative experience when shopping online on a homeware & DIY website?
  • Have these negative experiences you have had with the homeware & DIY website(s) impacted you in any of the following ways?

The online survey results revealed that when deciding to purchase goods from Homeware & DIY retailers, customers are mostly influenced by product price, shipping charges, security, consumer/peer reviews, available payment methods.

Both the online survey and the short reviews reveal how important is for Homeware & DIY online retailers to look at what motivates consumers to purchase goods and to identify the key factors that influence their decision to buy. The whitepaper is useful for anyone responsible for user experience, marketing, brand strategy or digital in the Homeware & DIY industry.

Please see website to download the whitepaper