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Workshop on the Content of a User Requirements Specification

Source: Workshop organisers: Nigel Bevan and Martin Maguire, 16 May 2017

Workshop taking place on 3rd July 2017 at BCS HCI conference in Sunderland.

The objective of the workshop is to classify different types of user requirements and develop a categorisation that defines the scope of user requirements and could be used as a contents list or checklist that could help practitioners elicit, identify and document the relevant requirements for use in a user requirements specification.

Related issues to be considered will include: 

  • Is a common categorisation possible or appropriate across different organisations and application domains? 
  • How do user requirements relate to underlying user needs? 
  • How important is it to include quantitative user requirements for effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction? 
  • How should requirements for user experience be expressed? 
  • Is it possible in principle to evaluate whether user requirements have been achieved? 

The workshop participants will gain a better understanding of user requirements, and identify areas of common interest for potential future collaboration. 

The cost of the workshop for those not attending the full conference is £40. For those attending the HCI conference attendance is free.

See website for further details